• 25,000 3DTVs sold in Europe

    25,000 3DTVs sold in Europe

    By Julian Clover
    June 17, 2010 08.00 UK

    uropean consumers had purchased more than 25,000 flat screen televisions with 3D technology by the end of May 2010, according to retail analysts GfK. But the number is dwarfed by the 252 million televisions worldwide expected to be sold this year.

    Presenting the figures at its annual Consumer Electronic Conference GfK said that “almost every notable manufacturer” now either offers TV screens with 3D technology or will soon introduce them into their range.

    The latest survey of 120 electronic retailers in Germany, France and the UK found that 3D televisions will be an integral part of product ranges in the future. In addition, 90% of retailers stated that internet television also sparked interest among their customers.

    However, despite this living room convergence few viewers are actually taking advantage of the multimedia functionality and are continuing to use the devices for their traditional functionality, televisions as televisions, and laptops as laptops.
    GfK says that retailers now face the additional challenge of explaining the new technologies to consumers.