• 3ality to provide Sky 3D kit

    3ality to provide Sky 3D kit

    By Julian Clover

    January 15, 2010 09.18 UK

    State-of-the-art camera rigs and image processors for Sky’s forthcoming 3D service are on their way from Burbank, California, courtesy of 3ality Digital. Equipment from the leading 3D technology provider will be used in the broadcast of much of the content on the new service.

    “The launch of Sky’s 3D TV services this year will mark a milestone in British broadcasting, giving customers a whole new dimension to their TV viewing experience,” said Brian Lenz, Sky’s director of product design and TV product development.

    “Utilising 3ality Digital’s technology and equipment will be a key component in providing our customers with a cutting edge entertainment experience.” Sky’s 3D service will feature a mix of programming spanning sports, movies, entertainment, documentaries and the arts, including live content.

    “Our state-of-the-art automation processes and the full metadata capture built into our camera platforms will ensure Sky 3D programming is compelling, immersive and dynamic, added 3ality Digital CEO Sandy Climan.

    Over the last 13 months 3ality Digital technology has been behind the first-ever live 3D broadcast of an NFL game and the first live 3D sports broadcast available to consumers. It has also shot live action footage for the first 3D commercial to be broadcast and an episode of a scripted TV series.