• $1,000 award for first Google TV hack

    $1,000 award for first Google TV hack

    By Robert Briel

    Software developer Howard Harte has set a $1,000 (765.4) award on his MagicAndroid Apps website for the first person to successfully hack
    Harte sets a few conditions: the Google TV device must be hacked before Google officially unveils third-party app development support for the Google TV. For the Google TV to be considered rooted, the procedure must result in the end-user having the ability to install third-party apps. The procedure must be applicable to production versions of Google TV devices and should be doable using a software-only approach.

    The invitation to jailbreak Google TV comes at an interesting time when major US broadcasters have started to block their programming from Google TV. For more information see the MagicAndroid Apps website.

    In the past other devices such as the Apple TV have been hacked. By installing Boxee software, Apple TV owners can access content without converting to iTunes.