• 3D becoming predominant mode of production

    3D becoming predominant mode of production

    Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 18-05-2011

    3D may be overhyped by some but for the production industry it is very real: 3D is becoming a predominant mode of production according to a survey of film, TV, commercial and corporate media production professionals.
    Indeed, the survey Media Services, a leading entertainment accounting, payroll, crew booking and software providers, revealed that nearly half of houses say that their business will focus on 3D film and 3D TV production in the next five years.

    The survey shows that the rise in 3D production will encompass 3D TV channels, 3D live event coverage. It also notes the opening of specialist 3D houses, in particular Sony's latest technology centre in India which provides specialised facilities and expertise in HD and 3D film production.

    "Clearly, 3D entertainment is a rapidly growing market. We are seeing a surge in requests for film crews experienced in and equipped to film in 3D," says Joe Maiella, vice president at Media Services who oversees the company's crew booking division.

    "One of the interesting aspects of the 3D revolution will be its adoption in areas outside of the traditional entertainment industry such as the academic, corporate and institutional markets," added Maiella. "From live events to coursework over the internet, 3D media and programming can enhance the audience entertainment and educational experience in all these forums."

    Yet the survey threw up what may be an interesting challenge for those wishing to shoot in 3D. It confirmed that experience of local crews followed by equipment availability rank as the most important challenges producers face when shooting on location. In terms of both 3D is still generally to be found wanting on a widespread basis. Moreover, 43% reported cost of time, travel and gear transport as a significant issue.