• 192 TV launches on Ziggo

    192 TV launches on Ziggo

    by Robert Briel

    The Dutch oldies TV channel 192 TV is set to launch on September 1 on Ziggo. It is already available on Glashart Media and CAIWay networks.

    192 TVís programming consists of music from the 50s to the 80s and is owned by BR Music in cooperation with former Radio Veronica engineer Ad Bouman. The station evokes memories from the time that Veronica was an offshore Ďpirateí radio station Ė and the channelís logo is a replica of the old Radio Veronica trademark. 192 refers to the 192 metres, the original wavelength of Radio Veronica.

    The channelís launch on Ziggo will be celebrated by a special party with Greek singer Demis Roussos on September 1.