• 2011 Rugby World Cup will kick off via Ericsson's Voyager II

    2011 Rugby World Cup will kick off via Ericsson's Voyager II

    Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 19-07-2011

    Rugby fans around the world will be able to watch live HD coverage of the 2011 Rugby World Cup from New Zealand, following the deployment of the Ericsson Voyager II solution by broadcast services provider Sydney Teleport Services.

    It will use Ericsson’s recently launched digital satellite news gathering (DSNG) product for the live contribution of matches during the tournament, which begins on 9 September in Auckland, from the stadia to broadcasters in New Zealand and Australia, and further afield to international audiences.
    Ericsson's Voyager II is the first DSNG solution to use MPEG-4 AVC 4:2:2 encoding with 10-bit precision.
    Scott Jenkins, managing director of Sydney Teleport Services, said: “This is the very highest level for rugby fans and the most highly anticipated event within the sport, and with such a huge following around the world, it is imperative that we can reliably provide coverage of each match in the very highest quality possible.
    “A critically important event requires critically selected solutions, and having worked with the Ericsson team in the past, we were confident that it could provide us with the reliability we required for this important project. We have been impressed by the sheer quality and flexibility that the new Voyager II solution provides, and as a result are pleased to be able to provide broadcasters with the excellent standard of coverage that rugby fans will demand."
    Staffan Pehrson, vice-president and head of Solution Area TV at Ericsson, added: “Live news and sports gathering is constantly becoming a more important part of broadcasters’ offering, as viewers continue to demand high quality live event coverage to match the standard they are used to from other content.
    “With live events, reliability is paramount – it is all about bringing viewers closer to the action. Having pioneered DSNG technology, we at Ericsson are proud to be taking this to the next level with Voyager II and are pleased to enable coverage of the Rugby World Cup for broadcasters across the globe.”