• 100 Mbps speeds in 13 countries

    100 Mbps speeds in 13 countries

    By Robert Briel

    March 3, 2010 10.11 UK

    Cable Congress 2010 – Brussels.
    “Cable companies are gamechangers with 100 Mbps broadband speeds,” says Cable Europe President, Manuel Kohnstamm.

    “Fibre-speed is launching us to new levels of performance in living rooms across Europe. With 100 Mbps+ speeds now available in 13 countries, we continue to set new benchmarks. Years of investment are paying off,” he said. “We could not be more supportive to the policy makers of Europe in their vision of the new Digital Agenda.”

    The countries offering 100 Mbps in 2009 were Sweden, Germany, France, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovak Republic, Switzerland and Portugal even offering speeds up to 200 Mbps. The United Kingdom and Denmark are following this year.