• 100,000 VOD streams on Dutch SamsungTVs

    100,000 VOD streams on Dutch SamsungTVs

    By Robert Briel
    March 1, 2012 08.42 Europe/London

    More than 100,000 movies were streamed to Samsung Smart TVs in the Benelux via one of the three VOD portals, Movie Max Online, Pathé Thuis and MovieMe.

    ing to the manufacturer, this shows that people who buy a connected TV set actually use the feature. Among the movies requested, recent blockbusters and local product are popular.

    “At this moment, around 40% of all TV sets sold in the Benelux are connected TVs, and almost 40% of those are Samsung sets,” said Rick Fens, content manager TV/AV at Samsung Electronics Benelux.

    “This trend will continue. We believe that in the run-up to the sports summer many people will buy a Samsung Snart TV set. With the increasing popularity of smart TVs and of VOD, we expect more and more people to watch VOD.”

    Of the three VOD portals on the sets, Movie Max has now added a number of 3D titles including Oceanworld, Conan and The Three Musketeer. More 3D titles will be added including he Dutch production Nova Zembla.