• 'On the Goal' reality show to feature football star Alonso Solis

    'On the Goal' reality show to feature football star Alonso Solis

    Gabriel Miramar-Garcia ©RapidTVNews | 12-03-2012
    Costa Rican futbol star Alonso Solis will be featured on sports reality TV show On the Goal, starting in India and Costa Rica in April.

    Known as 'El Mariachi,' Solis is a popular Costa Rican player who has played with the country’s national team, as well as Saprissa, one of Central America’s most popular local futbol sports clubs. The show, developed by Six 2 Forty Television Productions, a Latin American television production company, and Mark Lugo Creative Entertainment, follows football stars as they travel around the world, often leaving their family behind for months. The programme aims to show viewers what that life is like, with all of the stress, loneliness and emotional highs that it entails.

    Solís has a wife and two daughters and is also a musician with his band, Leyenda. He has an colourful family background, considering his father is a well-known mariachi singer and entertainer in Costa Rica.
    "I feel honored and at the same time privileged to be featured on this show," said Solis. "I always love to be a part of something big and exciting, especially if it’s entertainment related. And this is going to be big."
    The first season will be taped in several Costa Rican cities and in Durgapur, India.