• 232 jobs to go at Unitymedia

    232 jobs to go at Unitymedia

    By Robert Briel

    Liberty Globals’ German subsidiary Unitymedia will scrap 232 jobs, mainly in its customer centre in Marburg.
    The move is a result of the integration of the operations of Kabel BW and Unitymedia.
    Lutz Schüler, CEO of Unitymedia, told Handelsblatt that the Marburg office will be closed. For the around 100 people working there a social plan will be implemented.

    Other offices affected are Heidelberg, Kerpen and Bochum. This includes the former Kabel BW HQ in Heidelberg.
    Unitymedia’s Cologne office will head the operations, but in Heidelberg around 400 people will remain. At the moment, the company employs around 2,500 people.