• 'Omar' Ibn Al-Khattab to be aired in Indonesia

    'Omar' Ibn Al-Khattab to be aired in Indonesia

    Louise Duffy | 09-07-2012
    The TV series 'Omar' Ibn Al-Khattab - the Drama that MBC and Qatar TV will be airing during the holy month of Ramadan - is to be broadcast in Indonesia.
    The show has been described as the largest production in modern TV history within the Middle-East region.

    Broadcasting rights have been granted to MNC TV Network Indonesia, part of MNC Group - which will air it subtitled in Indonesian, simultaneously with the MENA region during Ramadan, and will later air it dubbed in Indonesian post-Ramadan.

    'Omar' will also be shown on Turkey's ATV network, which will air it, dubbed in Turkish, simultaneously with MBC1 during Ramadan. Several rights deals are underway in other Islamic countries and around the world.
    The show details the life, path and values of the Khalifeh OMAR Ibn Al-Khattab; and the Muslim state he helped shape.