Bloomberg doubles distribution

By Robert Briel
October 6, 2009 10.57 UK

MIPCOM 2009 – CANNES. Bloomberg Television has doubled its distribution to around 140 million homes during the past few months.

“We have been traditionally strong in Western Europe, but we are now improving our footprint to Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East,” said Lindsey Oliver, Commercial Director.

After closing down the various language feeds in Europe, operators “were happy to swap over languages,” according to Oliver.

New carriage deals include the various DTH platforms in the Benelux and soon a major deal for Central Europe will be announced.

Bloomberg is also planning a major overhaul of its programming with a new line-up. No more market news all day long, but other quality programming during evening prime time in Europe including interview programming with Charlie Rose.

Later this month, a new London news studio will be taken into service and the broadcaster hopes to announce new on-air talent soon.