Sigma Designs commits to Android support

Sigma Designs has committed itself to supporting the Google Android operating system on its range of media processor system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for consumer electronics.

Sigma Designs has also announced the availability of a ported version of Android onto its Vantage SMP8654 development platform. The company is conducting a demonstration with MIPS Technologies of 1080p on a full-HD flat screen display at the CEATEC Japan event, as part of efforts led by the Open Embedded Software Foundation (OESF) to create a reference platform for an Android-based set-top box.

“Sigma Designs is an innovative company, consistently delivering solutions at the leading edge of SoC design," said Art Swift, Vice President of Marketing for MIPS Technologies. "Through our partnership, we are enabling customers to jumpstart development of Android applications for IP-STBs, digital media adaptors, Blu-ray players and IPTV. As providers of the official STB reference port selected by OESF, MIPS and Sigma are committed to delivering a complete reference platform for Android-based IP-STBs.”

The new Vantage SMP8654 Android developer kits will be targeted for the Web or Internet TV widget market, and will become available in the middle of this month.