Ovation TV Launching HD Channel in 2010

Arts-Focused Network Has Added Subs This Year in Standard Def

Ovation TV, riding some recent standard-definition launches, said it will launch a high-definition simulcast channel next July.

Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan in Andy Warhol's Factory PeopleArts-focused Ovation has been providing HD content on demand to affiliates, network executive VP Ron Garfield said in a release. "Our decision to launch Ovation TV HD is a natural progression in the evolution of the network. Our affiliates always comment on how great our content would look in HD. They see it as great addition to their growing HD offerings."

Ovation TV HD will launch in conjunction with the network's annual "American Revolutionaries" programming event airing next July. The network produces its original programming in HD now and said more than 30% of its acquired shows are in native HD.

Ovation TV's standard-definition channel is in 35 million homes, having recently added more than 500,000 subscribers in Portland, Ore. (Comcast); Dayton, Ohio (Time Warner Cable) and the Carolinas and Virginia (Charter).

Charter plans a launch in St. Louis in early November, the network said. The channel is projected to reach 37 million homes by the year's end.