Com Hem secures new TV4 agreement

By Julian Clover
October 7, 2009 16.24 UK

Sweden’s Com Hem has renewed its agreement to carry TV4’s niche channels on the 1.7 million subscriber network. Included is the catch-up TV service TV4 Play and the Science Fiction channel that will be added to the Com Hem line-up on October 28.

“We are pleased that we can not only continue but also expand our co-operation in offering additional channels from TV4,” said Com Hem’s content manager Simon Gate. “With the attractive on-demand service coupled with TV4’s channels, we have a solid partner in our mission to continue to drive digital TV in Sweden”.

As well as adding the Science Fiction channel, Com Hem will also move documentary features channel TV4 Fakta to its ‘mediumpaket’, further extending its reach.

The deal means Com Hem will become the first cable operator to distribute TV4’s full range of linear channels as well as on demand content. The rollout of on demand has currently covered 175,000 households in southern Sweden and is expected to extend to 500,000 before the end of the year.