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Thread: Latest Boxman CVS-Image

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    Arrow Latest Boxman CVS-Image

    ein neues, aktuelles CVS-Image von heute Abend für die DM7000: 041009

    Incl. Simple EUROPE Satellites_XML by Reinh@rd ( 01.10.2009 ).

    with-Module scsi
    with Module usb
    with Module cifs
    with Module reiserfs
    with Module smbfs
    with-webif=expert (Ver. 6.0.4-Expert)
    with enable-maintainer-mode
    with enable-flashrules
    with epg=private
    with mhw-epg=yes
    with flashtool=expert
    with ext-flashtool=yes
    with enigma-debug=yes
    with pmt.tmp
    with lemmings
    with master
    with mines
    with mosaic
    with pacman
    with pip
    with rss
    with satfind
    with snake
    with soko
    with sol
    with solitair
    with tank
    with tetris
    with tuxcom
    with tuxtxt
    with vierg
    with yahtzee

    Driver from 22.10.2007

    Untertitel Einstellungen speichern

    DreamStream-Tauglich: DreamStream Ver. 0.3.x

    Enigma1-Changelog siehe Mailing List Archives.

    md5 for the Image: d401bbefa0f31210b1a0ccaae40d1341

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    Re: Latest Boxman CVS-Image

    Boxman CVS DM7000- 19.10.2009

    Here, once the NFS test image in the notes to make sure everything is running.
    Please report views whether it works with NFS so far.

    Because Samba image I have I still think about how I build the best.
    I have almost tend to take out to all languages except German and English, then the place has to suffice.
    If you want to use another language, it must hold back on the NFS image.

    md5: 8c476ac651950ae3600f0862e66e59d8

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