Rai expands international bouquet

By Robert Briel
October 8, 2009 09.39 UK

Mipcom 2009 – Cannes. NewCo Rai International, the newly formed international sales arm of the Italian state broadcaster, has expanded its international bouquet with one more channel, Salute

Salute is not a Rai channel, but is produced by Eurodigital, but NewCo has taken on international distribution. Programming on the new channel is around health, personal care and wellness. The language is Italian, but Spanish and English subtitles are planned for the near future.

Yes Italia is also available with English and Spanish subtitles and distributed via Astra and Eurobird. Salute will also be available on these two satellites. Both channels are ’self supporting’ with advertising and sponsorship footing the bill.

The complete international offer now comprises Raitalia (a ‘best of’ chanenl of the three national networks), RaiNews24 (a 24 hour news channel), RaiMed (a channel to promote the dialogue between Italy and North Africa), Yes Italia (a channel promoting Italian culture and lifestyle) and the new Salute.

NewCo is also looking at developing more channels. This could include channels about food, Italian youth culture and other subjects.