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Thread: Latest version of Hadu

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    Latest version of Hadu
    -automatic detection for sssp "wrapper" application (if it's called ssspxxxxxx.exe). In this case, the command to return DCWs to the application is modified (i.e. $0410 instead of $0700). However, you can always force it, using the "DescrCommand" option into the "[Device]" section of Hadu.ini,
    -modification to stick as tight as possible to the answer of the server(s) concerning the ECM requests. It may have some negative impacts in some rare situations. In these later cases, atop and restart the concerned server connection,
    -new modification for Irdeto ECMs. Only the first positive ChID (i.e. available for decoding purposes) is used, after a first test with all of them.

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    Re: Latest version of Hadu

    Thank you
    but this is 1.09 version of July 2009 not 1.19

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    Re: Latest version of Hadu

    Hadu - CCCam DVB plugin - v Beta 0.121

    -bug fix for some incorrect connections in some cases.

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    Re: Latest version of Hadu

    hello so is it possible to use hadu withh sssp instead of flycccam?ive got a cccam server could someone give me instructions what to using humax 5400 connected with null modem cable.


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    Re: Latest version of Hadu


    Hadu - CCCam DVB plugin - version Beta 0.126

    -temporary workaround for OSCAM servers (see "OSCAMWa" option, and all the comments for it) added as a possible option,
    -possibility to have only EMM active added (see "EMMAlone" option),
    -the maximum number of providers per nodes has been increased to 40,
    -possibility to update more than one card (i.e. node) of the same CAID for EMM purposes added,
    -bug fix for nodes with too many providers,
    -transparency for Monitor and Server Infos windows added (see "UseTransparency" option for more details),
    -"IgnoreProvFor" option now also used for EMMs,
    -providers are no more checked for Betacrypt CAIDs (ECMs and EMMs). So, you can remove your "IgnoreProvFor=1702" or "IgnoreProvFor=1722" option lines if you wish,
    -bug fix for BetaCrypt EMMs process,
    -bug fix concerning the DCWsOneServ option,
    -bug fix for the emulator nodes recognizing,
    -modification for the non standard CCCam servers and the corresponding "NonStd" option: it's now supposed to work automatically (see "NonStd" option for more details),
    -bug fixes concerning different particuliar cases when several servers are in use,
    -bug fix for incorrect behavior of server connections when the plugin is deactivated,
    -bug fix because current ECMs were not sent immediately when a new server is activated (if several servers are active and at least one is OK),
    -by default value has been changed for the MaxConnections and MaxECMPIDs options. You'll have to manually modify your current Hadu.ini file, if you plan to use these new by default values,
    -number of active CCCam servers at the same time no more limited to 6 (but still limited to a maximum of 64 CCCam servers, active or not active). Set the new by default values for the MaxConnections and MaxECMPIDs options, if several servers are in use,
    -bug fixes for a possible improper re-connection when the disconnection has been provoked externally (network and/or distant server),
    -bug fix for Viaccess "long" ECMs (for TNTSat mainly),
    -size for Monitor and Server Infos windows now also saved into Hadu.ini (if changed by the user) when pushbutton "OK" is pressed. Furthermore, the size of the columns for the different lists of these windows is now also saved,
    -it's now possible to sort the nodes list into the Server Infos window for some columns,
    -reject of null DCWs (processed as 'No decoding'),
    -some other bug fixes and minor enhancements.
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