Gala adds HD to Lithuanian DTT

By Julian Clover
October 9, 2009 11.10 UK

Lithuanian telco TEO is adding high definition channels Eurosport HD, Discovery HD and National Geographic Channel HD to its Digital Gala DTT service.

The channels, initially available in the Vilnius area, can be received through a new HD receiver and personal video recorder that is being launched by the platform.

TEO’s chief marketing officer Nerijus Ivanauskas said 25% of households in Lithuania already had HD Ready receivers and the number was growing by one fifth every year. “High definition TV channels will be available for watching to our customers living in Vilnius and approximately 50 kilometres around the city,” he said.

The receivers feature a 160 GB hard drive and in addition to the PVR functionality it is also possible to view family photographs or view videos by connecting a USB Flash drive to the receiver.

In May, sister service Interactive Gala TV launched HDTV for its IPTV subscribers