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Thread: QboxHD 1/9 new Filesystem

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    QboxHD 1/9 new Filesystem

    Rel. 2009.10.09

    - This release MUST be used along with the QHU version 25_09_2009
    The QHU is used for updating the NOR Flash that contains the Linux kernel.
    - Faster boot time (from turning-on to watching a channel). Now it takes ~100 sec
    - Enhanced features in e2:
    Optimized fast channel selection in the channel list with the right and left keys.
    Bug fixing that avoided locking when waking the DVB-S2 tuner up.
    - Updated drivers:
    Smartcard driver: Generic optimizations
    - Fixed several minor bugs in several apps


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    Re: QboxHD 1/9 new Filesystem

    Rel. 2009.10.30

    - This is the first release that do NOT need the QHU package anymore.
    From now on, the filesystem and the NOR Flash will be updated
    using only a .tbz package. The QHU files are now deprecated.
    - Added the Add-ons plugin that allows to download and install settings,
    picons, games and plugins. Duolabs's download server already contains
    several add-ons.

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