MediaPortal ShowTimes Plug-in Suite V2 10.10.2009

There are two plugins as part of this suite. The first plugin is a process plugin. It uses an external application to download movie showtimes for your local theaters. It allows for the option to schedule a download of movie data from IMDB or TMDB, Trailers, movie posters and FanArt from TMDB. It can also manage your downloaded posters and trailers and remove ones that are no longer required.
The second part of the plugin is the GUI portion that displays all of the data downloaded by the Grabber process plugin. The GUI has a screen that will work with many skin (skinners, please read below).
I have included in the zip file, a document that explains the way it all works together plus installation and configuration. In the zip there is a background picture for skinner who want to use it.

The following countries are already supported:
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

A couple of things to note:
1) After you set up the plugin you have to do a manual download from the Grabber Configuration first.
2) Picking your movie theaters varies by country. Some can do it by zip/postal code, some by city and country.
3) You can set several cities. Just separate each city with the "|" (pipe) character.
4) You can manually update tha data by pressing the “Context Menu” button (F9)
5) The display of Fan-Art is Skin dependant. If your skin does not show the backdrops, ask the author to implement this feature.
There are some other things in the documentation included in the zip f MTSA 4.8.5 / Plugins 2.4.1

- Fixed: Download and streaming of Apple trailers
- Minor bug fix.