French TV viewers more digital-oriented
Pascale Paoli Lebailly

Digital TV is attracting more and more French viewers with 70.3% of households now owning at least one digital TV receiver, whether to receive DTT, cable/satellite or IPTV channels. A new report from regulatory body CSA, Observatory for Digital Equipment, shows that this represents growth of 15% over one year.

An impressive 39% of French households can now get digital TV from all TV sets.

With 43.1% of households (11.5 million), DTT appears as the most practical and favourite access to digital TV, followed by satellite reception. Cable is showing signs of stagnation but IPTV keeps increasing its market share.

While 17. 2% of French households are still receiving analogue television, this share has dropped 11.9% over one year. Most dependent people on analogue are persons aged above 75 and non-working individuals. Alsace and Corsica regions are the most advanced ones in terms of digital TV while central France remains loyal to analogue TV.