Macau launches sat chnl via AsiaSat 5
Rose Major

A new channel from Macau will shortly start broadcasting across 50 Asia-Pacific countries. TDM Satellite Channel, a new service from public broadcaster Teledifusão de Macau, has signed a deal with AsiaSat for distribution on the newly-launched AsiaSat 5.

During the next few months’ testing of service, TDM Satellite Channel, Macau will provide daily scheduled news bulletin in Cantonese, Mandarin, Portuguese and English languages, and a wide range of current affairs programming on Macau’s latest development. The channel is now available free-to-air on AsiaSat 5 in C-band.

Manuel Gonçalves, CEO of TDM, said: “In addition to TDM’s programming, we will bring to viewers a diverse range of television content through collaboration with Chinese broadcasters and public broadcasters from Portuguese-speaking countries. Our objective is to establish a cross-cultural platform for China, Portuguese-speaking community and overseas Chinese while enabling audiences to have a better understanding of Macau today and at the same time fostering closer cultural and economic relations between China and Portuguese-speaking countries through Macau.”

Peter Jackson, CEO of Asiasat, said: “We welcome TDM on board our brand new satellite AsiaSat 5 adding more value to AsiaSat 5’s diverse channel neighbourhood. AsiaSat 5 has inherited AsiaSat 2’s access power. We shall continue to build the accessibility by bringing high quality programming to this platform.”