Ziggo appeals analogue ruling

By Robert Briel
October 11, 2009 13.48 UK

The Dutch cable operaror Ziggo has filed an appeal with the Hague Tribunal against the ruling by the media authority Commission for the Media (CVDM) to reinstate TV5, Rai Uno and TVE in its analogue basic tier.

At the same time, the cabler has requested an interim suspension of the decision by the CVDM. The authority ruled that Ziggo should carry the three channels advised by the local programme councils .

“We remain convinced that what we serve he interests of our customers much better than the programme councils,” said a spokesperson. The statement echoes comments made on April 15 this year.

On May 26, the CVDM issued a fine of €1 and ruled that in some towns TV5, TVE and Rai Uno should be put back in the analogue tier. This decision was upheld in the appeal procedure on September 29.

Ziggo has not yet implemented the decision, saying that it does not intend to do so, as it already carries the three channels in basic digital.