New batch of Cable Europe Labs certifcations

October 14, 2009

Cable Europe Labs has recently certified a number of new EuroDOCSIS based products from Cisco, Netgear Thomson Pace and STMicroelectronics.

“Every new certification announcement that we make is another step forward in the speed and increased service that the cable industry is providing to millions of Europeans,” said Cable Europe Labs Managing Director, Malcolm Taylor, in a statement. “Having speeds that are 2-6 faster than ADSL offerings requires large and continued investments in the latest technology to keep cable at the head of the speed race and that is why there is such emphasis placed on our certification process. The fiber that we are deploying deep into our networks needs the latest and greatest technology to function and these products certified today work to that end.”

For EuroDOCSIS 3.0, the Board agreed to certify the following products: Cisco EPC3325 (Cable Modem); Cisco EPC3010 (Cable Modem); Netgear CG3100 (EMTA – passed for EuroDOCSIS3.0 and EuroPacketCable1.5), Thomson TWG870 (EMTA – passed for EuroDOCSIS3.0 and EuroPacketCable 1.5) and Hitron BVW3653 (EMTA – passed for EuroDOCSIS 3.0 and EuroPacketCable 1.0)

For EuroDOCSIS 2.0, the Board agreed to qualify the following products: Pace DCR7111 STB-CM and STMicroelectronics STZ7141 – EUD STB-CM.

Cable Europe Labs certified and qualified equipment is fully tested to be functional in compliance with the specifications for European cable technologies. Equipment such as cable modems and set top boxes, as well as network devices with Cable Europe Labs certification or qualified status, can be integrated in cable networks that operate in line with these EuroDOCSIS and EuroPacketCable technologies. Cable Europe Labs certifications are granted following a testing process in the specialised technology labs of Excentis in Ghent, Belgium.