Dutch TV viewers watching fewer different channels

Rotterdam-based Blauw Research has found that, despite an increase in the number of TV channels in the Netherlands, the average Dutch viewer is zapping between fewer channels than was the case a year ago. The annual survey of 1000 Dutch people aged 18 years and older, carried out for KPN, found that, whereas in 2008 the average viewer switched between ten different channels, this has reduced to seven in 2009. 60 percent of viewers said they only watched five channels.

Men zapped more than women - the average number of channels for males was 7.6, and for women 6.2. The total TV viewing time is more or less the same as last year. 45 percent said they watched 3-4 hours a day. The favourite channel was the public network Nederland 1, followed by the commercial channels RTL4 and SBS6.

Two thirds of Dutch viewers now watch digital TV. Just 34 percent still watch in analogue. One third of respondents, predominantly younger males, make use of their PC to watch TV.