Thursday launch for Viseo+ in Stuttgart

By Robert Briel
October 14, 2009

This Thursday, October 15, the terrestrial Viseo+ service will launch in Stuttgart with six encrypted channels from the RTL Group. Two receivers are in the shops now, which are capable of picking up the Conax encrypted MEG4 broadcasts.

The two receivers are the TF 7700 HTCO from Topfield (see picture) and Zenega 300 GER-T from DGStation with prices starting at EUR 99.

Media Broadcast has already taken up test transmissions from the transmitter Frauenkopf, which serves a potential audience of 1.6 million people. With the six new RTL channels, the number of available DTT channels in the area is increased from 13 to 19.

In December, transmissions will also start in the region of Halle/Leipzig in Central Germany.

As reported in this publication, the six RTL channels are RTL, Vox, RTL II, Super RTL, RTL Crime and RTL Passion. The first four channels will remain free of charge, for the latter two a subscription fee will be payable after twelve months.

The first one of the two receivers in Germany seems to be the same model as used for RiksTV in Norway. Contrary to questionable reports in the German press, there is a wide variety of MPEG4 receivers being manufactured capable of Conax decryption, as can be seen on the RiksTV website. Although these receivers are specifically made for the Norwegian DTT market, they show consumers will have a choice between many brands and products including integrated TV sets and PVRs.For the TV sets, a CA module is required, for which RiksTV recommends the Technicrypt CXV from Technisat.