FCC Opens Up Internet Beta Blog
Forum Is Agency's Latest Online Initiative
John Eggerton 10/14/2009 2 57 09 PM

Add an open Internet blog to the latest online initiatives from the Federal Communications Commission.

Openinternet gov went live in beta form Wednesday with a posting from FCC chairman Julius Genachowski, as well as from Jon Peha, chief technologist at the FCC, and John Leibovitz, deputy chief of the Wireless Bureau.

"The Internet's open architecture has enabled this network of networks to become a unparalleled platform for innovation and speech, as well as an enduring engine for economic growth," said the chairman. "Last month, I proposed that the FCC adopt a fair and high-level framework to preserve an open Internet.

"While my goals are clear, the path to achieving them involves many hard questions about how best to maximize the innovation and investment necessary for a robust and thriving Internet. Getting input from all stakeholders will be important as the Commission begins to address many critical questions. That is why we launched OpenInternet.gov."

Genachowksi will unveil his network neutrality proposal at an Oct. 22 public meeting. No word on whether comments to the open internet blog will be made part of the official comments on the network neutrality proposal. The FCC's broadband blog ***blog.broadband.gov*** comments are being made part of the official record for the FCC's national broadband plan