Dear sirs,
I have a strange unsolved problem with my dm box. my router is directly connected to my DreamBox. when I am trying to communicate with my box, buy using dream CC or any other tools it is not connecting to my receiver. when I try to search my drembox's IP automatically it comes up with my Routers IP and when I search my routers IP, it gives me the same IP for dreambox & router.
1. When I am searching for my dreambox it gives me router's IP and it gives me the following message(DreamBox login failed)
2. And when I try to put manually my dreambox's IP it gives me the following message (error 10057 in function send socket is not connected).
3. Now even I can not open my dreambox site on my PC, as it’s not excepting my dreambox’s IP.
Before I get this problem suddenly everything were OK. Even before when I won’t it to watch my dreambox’s programme from my PC were ok too.
Now everything gone wrong. I tried to reset couple times my router, but still I get the same problem.
I will be most grateful if someone can assist me what I can do to fix my connection with my router & PC.
Many thanks.