More HD coming to Germany
Jörn Krieger


Munich-based media company Mainstream Media wants to launch a high definition television channel in Germany.

“We are working on this issue and considering various options for market entrance in the second half of 2010,” CEO Gottfried Zmeck told German magazine Digital Fernsehen. “I don’t want to say anything concrete at this stage, except that it will be a pay-TV offer.”

Mainstream Media currently operates pay-TV channels GoldStar TV, Heimatkanal and Romance TV. Music channel Country Music Star TV is in the planning stage.

According to Zmeck, the HD channel will both screen content produced in high definition as well as up-converted material. “As a channel provider one can’t only consider the technology. Programme content isn’t improved just through high definition,” said Zmeck, who did not wish to elaborate yet on possible distribution platforms for the HD service.