Pay-TV saves worldwide TV revenues
Pascale Paoli Lebailly

Worldwide TV revenues should drop 1.3% this year, mostly because of the advertising market slump reports a new study from research firm Idate. But the fall will be attenuated by good pay-TV results, with the worldwide susbcriber base forecast to rise 4% and revenues going up 4.7%.

With €110bn revenues, pay-TV worldwide reached 540 million households and represented 41.7% of the global TV market in 2008. 48% of viewers worldwide pay to get enriched TV offers.

The explanation for such results comes from cable’s ongoing digitalization, new pay-TV services on DTT networks, and IPTV launches.

But Idate forecasts that the competition from internet and mobile TV could become a “real threat” for pay-TV.

At the same time, Idate calculates that worldwide advertising and plurimedia revenues should fall back 7.2% in 2009, vs +0.5% in 2008. With a 7.5% drop expected, TV remains in this average while radio and press will undergo worst results, down 11.6%. Web revenues will be the only ones going up this year, with +11.4%. According to Idate, the global ad market growth is expected to reach 3.2% next year.