SES-Astra unveils more HD+ details

By Robert Briel
October 15, 2009 07.44 UK

SES-Astra has unveiled more details on its German language consumer website about the HD+ service which launches on November 1.

The operator expects that the service will be available to owners of CI Plus modules from the first quarter of next year, when the right CAMs will become available. This will make HD+ reception possible for owners of integrated TV sets and satellite receivers equipped for CI Plus. The modules will come with the HD+ smart card (Nagravision encryption).

Single smart cards will only be available from the third quarter of next year.

The website also says that for the moment HD+ will only be marketed in Germany, not in Austria or Switzerland.

With the current Sky Deutschland receivers it is for the moment not possible to also receive the HD+ bouquet, “but talks are going on to find an attractive solution.”

HD+ cards will cost EUR 50 per twelve month period; SES-Astra says it will not increase the price when more broadcasters will join the platform.