Shanghai Telecom reaches 850k IPTV subs

Shanghai Telecom (a subsidiary of China Telecom) had reached 850,000 IPTV subscribers as of the end of last month, according to Beijing-based firm Marbridge Consulting, quoting Zhu Bin, General Manager of the telco's IPTV Operations Centre.

Mr. Zhu said that the service currently offers five major categories of content: basic digital TV services, including live broadcasts, catch-up and times-shifting features; dedicated topical services with video content provided by Shanghai Media Group, including a 'News Bar'; video-on-demand services, which currently receive 200,000 to 300,000 subscriber views daily and will bring in nearly CNY 10mn (US$ 1.46mn) in revenues this year ; entertainment services, such as games and karaoke; and value-added services, such as e-health, shopping and education, which are expected to bring in revenues of over CNY 10mn this year.

The number of IPTV subscribers across all of China stood at 2.1mn at end-2008, of which China Telecom accounted for 1.6mn and China Unicom (formerly China Netcom, which was merged with China Unicom in October 2008) accounted for 500,000.