Cartoon Network launches Asian HD net
Rose Major

Cartoon Network is launching in high-definition in Asia, with the first channel out of the blocks in Japan on SkyPerfecTV.

Programming such as Ben 10 Alien Force, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and batman: The Brave and the Bold have been enhanced with HD technology and will be available as part of the new service.

Soumitra Saha, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Turner Entertainment, said: “Cartoon Network has reached a new milestone in the region with the introduction of HD as we evolve to meet not only the advances in digital technology but also the changing viewing preferences of our audience. There’s nothing quite like watching all of your favorite Cartoon Network shows with cinema-quality technology from the comfort of your own home.”

Ben 10 Alien Swarm, Cartoon Network’s movie of the year set to premiere globally in November, will be the network’s first ever movie to be shown in HD in the Asia-Pacific region. A series of premieres in Australia, China, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and The Philippines will all feature Ben 10 Alien Swarm in HD, while a Blu-ray version of the movie will be released for retail sale in early 2010.