Ofcom report shows UK Internet habits
Online adults like Facebook and Iplayer
By Alexandra Pullin
Thursday, 15 October 2009, 17:32

MORE PEOPLE in the UK are using the Internet for entertainment than ever before, according to Ofcom's latest report.

Interacting with social notworking websites and watching online telly have become the biggest growth areas.

The UK adults' media literacy report, which is based on information gathered every two years, found that almost twice as many Internet users use social networking sites, like Facebook, than in 2007.

It also shows that now almost one in three, 29 per cent of UK adults online, are watching or downloading TV programmes or films. Almost all of them are using UK TV broadcasters' websites like the BBC's Iplayer.

Ofcom has explained this as due to a larger than average increase in Internet uptake in the 65 plus groups and the lower economic classes than in previous years.

Compared to 2007, however, fewer Internet users are regularly carrying out transactions online, 36 per cent now versus 41 per cent then. This is perhaps explained by the recession and high-profile leaks of secure information in the last two years.

The report is intended to give "an accessible overview of media literacy among UK adults aged 16 and over" in the UK. The interim report is out today.