GlobeCast deploys terrestrial network for TF1

France Telecom subsidiary GlobeCast has completed the deployment of a new terrestrial video network for broadcasters TF1 and LCI. The broadband network is the first of its kind in France.

The five-year contract covers the network's buildout and operation. To win the deal, GlobeCast proposed a massive Ethernet MAN network, used for the first time on such a scale, to respond to the urgent 'on the spot' needs of TF1. The architecture of this network allows TF1 to establish point-to-point switched links with all 13 of its regional bureaus throughout France.

The network will grow with TF1's activity as the broadcaster adds new sites but the broadcaster already benefits from a more reliable, flexible and cost-effective solution, compared to its old system of satellite file delivery.

GlobeCast uses the Ethernet MAN and Business VPN of Orange Business Services to connect TF1's various bureaus, and also uses the expertise of its partner NETIA. Using NETIA's Nodal Master software, TF1 can remotely pilot four simultaneous incoming video feeds from its Paris HQ with a switching grid. GlobeCast is looking to offer similar capability to international broadcasters, building on the expertise and technology put into place for TF1.