Install Barry Allen Via Telnet

Unzip BarryAllen to your desktop.

Rename the enigma2-plugin-extensions-barryallen_4.6.1_mipsel.ipk to barryallen.ipk

Start DCC.
Click on the FTP button.
In the right hand window select the location of the barryallen.ipk.
In the lefthand panel open the folder /tmp.
Highlight the barryallen.ipk in the right hand window and click the < button to transfer the file.

Now at this point if your running any other image than the one that came on your DM800 you can install via via plungin manager, although i find this hit and miss.The telnet method work every time.

To instal via telnet

Insert you flash-drive in the rear of the DM800

Click the telnet button in DCC.
Now type cd / Make sure correct use of the space.

Now type ipkg install /tmp/barryallen.ipk

Youll now see text messages on screen telling you it has found your cf and is formatting it.

Then it will say restarting Enigma!

When this is done reboot your DM800.

If all has gone well you will see the red barry allen splash screen just select the Load flash it is the only option available for now.