Thrane & Thrane Celebrates Shipping Of 5000th Sailor Fleetbroadband Terminal; First To Market, First To 5000 – SAILOR Shows FleetBroadband Pedigree
Oct 16, 2009, post by Adam Wątróbski

Thrane & Thrane Celebrates Shipping Of 5000th Sailor Fleetbroadband Terminal; First To Market, First To 5000 – SAILOR Shows FleetBroadband Pedigree.
Thrane & Thrane is proud to inform the September 2009 shipping of the 5000th SAILOR FleetBroadband terminal since deliveries started in December 2007. The 5000th terminal, a SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband, is a major milestone for Thrane & Thrane and was provided to a UK based Master Distributor, well-known satcoms solutions provider NSSL Ltd.
“Reaching this milestone in such a short space of time reflects how quickly FleetBroadband has been accepted and also how end-users appreciate the quality and reliability of SAILOR products,” comments Walther Thygesen, CEO, Thrane & Thrane. “The market for FleetBroadband continues to grow and based on the performance of SAILOR terminals so far, we hope to hit the next milestone of 10,000 terminals much earlier than expected.” Since going, live, FleetBroadband has become the de-facto industry standard global data solution for all ship and boat types, including merchant vessels, fishing vessels, workboats and Yachts. It offers full global coverage following the third Inmarsat I4 satellite coming online in February 2009 to service the Asia/Pacific region. SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband was possibly the first terminal to transmit live from this area, as it was aboard all eight Volvo Ocean Race boats as they left Qingdao, China, for a 12,300 nm leg across the Pacific to Rio de Janeiro.

“Although SAILOR FleetBroadband is primarily designed for the demands of merchant and offshore vessels, the Volvo Ocean Race is a particular tough proving ground, so we couldn’t resist the challenge,” continues Thygesen. “By performing onboard every VO70 in the 2008/2009 fleet, SAILOR proved its credentials for withstanding perhaps the most extreme environment possible at sea, which reflected its ability to provide fast and reliable satcoms aboard the world’s merchant and offshore fleet.” As a key player in the implementation of the ground based infrastructure for Inmarsat FleetBroadband, Thrane & Thrane was first in the market following the launch of the FleetBroadband service in November 2007, with the now proven SAILOR 500 and 250 FleetBroadband terminals. Thrane & Thrane extended its FleetBroadband portfolio recently with the SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband in June 2009, which features the smallest FleetBroadband antenna to date and is crafted for basic IP requirements and satellite telephony onboard.

“The highly regarded SAILOR name and being first to market was of course an advantage in reaching the 5,000 terminal milestone so quickly, but SAILOR FleetBroadband quickly proved itself as the FleetBroadband terminal of choice because of its ease of installation, high performance and ability to withstand the harsh maritime environment and continue to operate reliably,” adds Scott McBride, Commercial Director, NSSL Ltd. “It’s performance like this from key suppliers such as Thrane & Thrane that has helped NSSL reach its 40th birthday, which we are pleased to be celebrating this month.”