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Thread: Some Newbie Questions

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    Some Newbie Questions

    Hi Everyone, new to the forums today and used to use dbox's when i was living up north in leeds.

    Just moving in with the mrs and not going to be in a cable region so looking into gathering some info about different boxes, dishes, card/share etc.

    The house we should be moving into has a left over sly digi dish outside so i'm wondering was i can use to try to recieve the english footy, sly sports uk, hbo, hbo ppv [for the boxing], showtime etc.

    Any info would be really helpful, i've just noticed a PREDATOR 8700 Pvr box which looks interesting so not sure if that is the way to go. As i said before i knew the cable side of things inside out but to the sat side of things i have not a clue !

    Thanks everyone !!!


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    Re: Some Newbie Questions


    Sorry I'm french

    were are you from?
    were are you going?
    do you change only region?
    (Country, city)

    Usually for sat you need a dish, 1,2,3...,16 LNB 100€...........XXX€
    or use a diseqC motor & a 1 lnb dish 200/300€

    You need a receiver SAT but dependind $$$$
    Do you need HD ?
    do you want sharing?
    Who's your provider in your country?

    "left over sly digi dish outside " can you find a picture or an internet link?

    More informations = more explainations.


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