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Thread: I am thick, need help please.

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    Unhappy I am thick, need help please.

    I have a technomate 5500-cip, it at factory reset, I believe there is 3 downloads, 1 for entering the sats, 1 for the channels,1 for the encryptions, I looked on the Technomate site and came off it confused, As i don't understand the jargon, Can some one please tell me what the names of the 3 files are called, and what do they do, and please tell me in what order to load the Technomate.

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    Re: I am thick, need help please.

    Hi Martin,

    Try logging onto , register and ask the admin for full access. You will then find in the Technomate section all of what you need.

    I think the 3 items you refer to are
    1. A loader program that you install on your PC
    2. A peice of software(a patch) that you send to the Technomate for patching
    3. Perhaps a channel list? ( If you have already scanned using the Technomate and have found a load of channels you can download them to your PC and if required send them back to the Technomate as upgrading the patches on the Technomae sometimes causes a loss of channels

    A small piece of advice make sure you buy a "null modem" cable to link your PC to the Technomate for patching,uploading new firmware etc


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