Cyprus dialect banned on Turkish Cypriot TV

The Higher Broadcasting Council (HBC), the governing body which regulates electronic media in northern Cyprus, has been blasted after it decided to forbid the use of the Turkish Cypriot dialect on TV and radio. The directive, which has been described as “shameful” by most popular politicians in the north, is now being actively enforced on broadcasting stations.

The HBC is now carrying out an ‘inspection of 15 TV channels and 23 radio stations to make sure Turkish Cypriot dialect is not transmitted and the ‘Turkish language is properly used.’

The chairmen of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), Democratic Party (DP) and Communal Democracy Party (TDP), Ferdi Sabit Soyer, Serdar Denktas and Mehmet Cakici respectively criticized the decision. Mr Soyer accused the National Unity Party (UBP) self-styled government of trying to rule by using oppression. “You are a government which dictates even how people will talk”, he said.

Mr Denktash said that they will turn the Turkish Cypriots into the only people in history which is ashamed of the way it speaks. Mr Cakici noted that the decision is a policy of annihilating the Turkish Cypriot culture.