Equinux improves The Tube and Live TV

By Robert Briel
October 19, 2009 15.47 UK

Equinus has improved its Live TV software on the iPhone. The iPhone app that allows consumers to stream Live TV to the iPhone now displays viewer ratings, the remaining duration of currently running TV show, and also adds sorting features.

The company also released The Tube 2.9.4, the innovative TV solution for Mac users, that together with Live TV 1.1 enables Live TV on the iPhone. “We offer two iPhone Apps – Live TV for streaming live television from your Mac via local WiFi to your iPhone; and TubeToGo – for storing your recordings online (MobileMe or any FTP server), scheduling recordings on the go via iPhone and sharing your recordings with your friends,” according to a spokesperson.

With Live TV, users can stream live TV programmes directly to their iPhone from their Mac with The Tube. With TubeToGo, they can access TV recordings on their iPhone whenever and wherever. They can even program recordings in The Tube on the go.

In the channel list, Live TV displays the currently running TV shows right alongside each station. Additionally the progress of TV shows is also displayed. To help find the most popular show, Live TV also pulls the viewer ratings from The Tube and displays them right on the iPhone. The user can also sort the available stations by number of viewers, to quickly find the perfect show.

The Tube is available at the equinux Online Store from €39.95 Euro. Live TV 1.1 is available via the iTunes App Store for €2.99.

Live TV and TubeToGo both are companions for the equinux TV receiver TubeStick.

A similar product is available for Elgato’s EyeTV.