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Thread: how to upgrade powercam?

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    how to upgrade powercam?

    i get new powercam pro, it came version 1.0
    i try to upgrade as described here, no info on their web page, no download on 12092 on HB...
    i have a cas3 in case anyone have the sw...

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    Re: how to upgrade powercam?


    Try on Hotbird freq. 10853 H or at 12207 H.


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    Re: how to upgrade powercam?

    Ther's a new update on air for powercam (hotbird - freq. 11296H - - Version HD 3.2 for powercam pro).

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    Re: how to upgrade powercam?

    I have also been trying to update my powercam pro to the HD version. I have tried all the frequencies mentioned above but i am not getting any download??? Is there another new frequency?
    Any help much appreciated


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    Re: how to upgrade powercam?

    This hotbird - freq. 11296H is working. Remove any card from the cam and wait for the update. If not work try with another receiver (I use my vantage 7100hd and made the update without any problem).

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