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Thread: ProSieben offers multimedia stick

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    ProSieben offers multimedia stick

    ProSieben offers multimedia stick
    Jörn Krieger

    prosiebenProSieben is the first German broadcaster to bring a UMTS stick for digital terrestrial television (DTT) and internet access onto the market.

    With the move, laptop owners will, for example, be able to receive web radio on trains, download emails in cafés or watch TV outdoors. DTT reception is free of charge, along with access to ProSieben’s “catch up TV” service at prosiebendottvand its website prosiebendotde. Access to all other internet content is available for €0.77 per hour, €1.99 for 12 hours, €3.99 for three days or €8.99 per week. Payment is made via credit card.

    The service, which operates on Vodafone’s mobile network, is not tied to standing fees, contractual obligations or minimum usage. The “Web & TV Stick” costs €89.95 including €3 starting credit. The web stick without DTT is available for €39.95 including €5 starting credit. Those who already have a computer with a built-in UMTS module or another UMTS stick pay €14.95 for the SIM card, including €10 starting credit.
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