DigitalSkys Launches XipLink Managed Service in Middle East, Africa and Asia

October 20, 2009

DigitalSkys commissioned an additional managed service offering from XipLink intended to double throughput for customers across the Middle East, African and Asian markets, XipLink announced Oct. 19.

DigitalSkys, a last-mile wireless communications provider, already has begun rolling out a dual-redundant XipLink XA-30K optimization appliance platform to initial customers. The company said it is able to provide a full STM-1 capacity of optimized traffic across multiple satellites and networks into many different theatres and markets.

The XipLink optimization technology will allow DigitalSkys to offer our customer remote sites with the latest in data compression, TCP acceleration techniques, HTTP pre-fetching algorithms as well as local caching and IPSec features as supported options, Gavin Wehlburg, director of DigitalSkys, said in a statement.