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Thread: Lastest version of Subtitle Edit

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    Lastest version of Subtitle Edit

    Subtitle Edit 2.8.2

    Subtitle Edit (SE) is an editor for movie subtitles - a subtitle editor.

    With Subtitle Edit you can easily adjust the start time of any subtitle if it is not syncronized with the movie.

    SE is written in Delphi and full source is included

    Here are some key features of "Subtitle Edit":

    VISUALLY sync/adjust (start pos and speed) a subtitle.
    Export to/import from html (for online translation)
    Visual translation helper
    Adjust all subtitle times
    Adjust display time
    Remove text for hear impaired
    Convert between MicroDVD, SubRib, Substation Alpha, SAMI, and more
    Fix line numbering, casing, spaces, long lines, and invalid display time
    Split / append subtitles
    Spell checker: English and Danish included. Dutch dictionary exists in the TJanSpeller zip file

    What's New in This Release:

    Stability: Now uses DirectShow via quartz.dll as default video player (thx for testing Guzippi, Christian)
    Bugfix: Adjust display time now works properly (thx Jonathan)
    Bugfix: Now saves SSA subtitles correctly (thx starsky)
    Bugfix: MicroDvd line breaks should work properly now
    A few improvements to Tools -> Fix common errors

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    Re: Lastest version of Subtitle Edit

    Subtitle Edit 2.8.4

    What's new :

    Fixed bug with MicroDVD and "Show earlier/later" (thx Reza)
    New: Tools -> Fix common errors: Fix '1' in words action added (thx Alberto)
    Compare function added
    Improved: Tools -> Remove text for hear impaired

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