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Thread: Linux and HVR 4000, How?

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    Linux and HVR 4000, How?

    Hello everyone,
    Currently I'm running under Windows XP with an HVR 4000.
    I am using Progdvb and CCcam. It works but ...
    I have a problem with my local network, crash the browser or application using the network (my Divx and MP3 files are on a PC dedicated only to that is to say 8 Hard Drives [1x160, 2x400, 3x500, 1x300, 1x250] yet.)
    So I used Vista and Seven that work seamlessly with my network but mismanagement of the second screen (because of the Nvidia 7600 GT drivers and their anti-fullscreen on 2nd monitor) and especially crash DVBDream and Progdvb with my card HVR 4000. (No solutions found ...).
    So I wanted to switch to Linux to get things running.
    I tried to install Linux distributions but do not work properly this DVB card. At best I managed to get the TNT with the card ... All Tutorials explaining how to not working because I did not have the correct version.
    Today I downloaded the Ubuntu 9.04 AMD64 distribution (since my processor is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000 +)
    I think the install but I'd like some info and especially help with the following (if I install this distribution).
    Firstly, is that this version of Ubuntu is good for the HVR 4000?
    Is that what I could use VDR and / or MythTV with this version with my HVR 4000 card with my Divx/MP3 network. (with or CCcam Gbox or another.)?
    I should also plug my phoenix reader on PC, so is it work?
    I'll ask questions possibly totally Newbies but I think it could serve as a tutorial for other people.

    NB: This is why I try to write the best possible way to also allow the automatic translation of Google and others. ^ ^
    I also have a HVR 1300 card, a DVB-T, a DVB-C 2300 and a DVB-S 1.3 (but which has the F connector soldered Input :S )
    Is what I might need? For what reason? MPEG Decoder Hard? Multiple DVB card to record and watch two programs?
    Knowing that I still want to see the HD channels (the HVR 4000 is the DVB-S/S2 and TNT HD / SD Soft)
    And I would like to view the image on my Plasma (Panasonic TH42PZ70EA)
    Here is my configuration, it can also help.
    AM2NF3 Asrock-VSTA (Socket AM2 + compatible AM2 + / AM3) [Chipset nVidia nForce 3]
    Athlon XP 64 x2 4000 +
    nVidia 7600 GT 256MB AGP
    1 HDD 160GB And 1 HDD 80GB
    Keyboard and Mouse Logitech EX110 (Wireless MiniDin on port Keyboard and mouse)
    Optional USB: Xbox 360, Superbox Pro III (for two PS2 controllers), Bluetooth Dongle, Irda Dongle, WiFi Dongle
    Optional USB / Series: Infinity USB Phoenix

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    Re: Linux and HVR 4000, How?

    Complicated but not insoluble.
    Install some different linux on virtual machines and try to find wich distribution solves the issues.

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    Re: Linux and HVR 4000, How?

    Looking at your Post I can only asume that you must have had some minor experience with Linux.
    (i.e. the Nexus / TT 2300 Preimum (e.g. Fullfeature Card).

    That's pretty much the "Key"to setting up a VDR System in the "Quick, Simple & Pain-Free way!"
    Unless the Card is Dead you shouldn't have any problems with any of the "Modern" Distro's out there.
    I could recomend Gen2VDR as it's the One I've used for over a Year now.

    I'm not sure what your "end game" here is, I do know mine (and if you'd share it, you might what to consider some points)

    1: Consolidate all those HDD's into a nice fat 1Tb or 2Tb, Think of that Money you'll save, not to mention all those Pinguin and Polar Bears by saving some of that Electricity Costs. 1 1Tb Drive will let you record almost 600 Hours worth of material to just that One Drive.

    2: Consider ditching that AGP:
    The future (which will someday get here!), will be pretty much nVidias' VDPAU System, which unlike other alternitives such as:
    Nexus / 2300

    Will allow you to display HD Material (i.e. DVB-S2 / MPEG-4), and unlike the Reel-eHD (Currently it should be noted), can playback Dvix/xVid/Matroska Files.

    As for your HVR4000 which Drivers are you concering yourself with?
    The Ones on the CD/DVD (i.e. whichever Distro you happen to be using), or are you geting then from the v4l / Mutiproto / S2-Liplian source, and did you make sure that the Firmware (IIRC yes there was (or should be) a Firmware File (e.g. Driver), for the HVR that gets handled in a similar fashion to the 2300, and you need to install that aswell.

    If you need more help try googleing "vdrportal" (yes the site is mostly in German, but there are enough English Speakers there to help you aswell)

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    Re: Linux and HVR 4000, How?

    Hi, I've bought a new sat card: HVR 4400.

    I encounter some difficulties to run progdvb. In the setup I have to choose the devise but I don't find mine.
    Have you met similar problem?
    What compatible device should I use instead?

    Thanks a lot

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