nlb11102 for IPBox 9000HD
Image release: NLB-11102-v1.51 no limits board
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Prepared by : no limits board
Release date : Oct 21, 2009


* updated - Based on DGStation SVN11102
* emu - IncubusCamd 0.93
* emu - mbox 0.4 build 0023 (gbox support)
* emu - mgcamd 1.33 (starts by default)
* other - updated - streamtools
* webif - updated - dgs webif 1.4.03
* plugins - updated - favpip v2.3.0
* keyupdater included
* nlbpanel included
* and some other plugins
* info: only cool-skin installed ... deep-blue follows l8r

Many thanx to Minicat for being beta-tester.

DGS release r11102: ( 18/Oct/2009)
1. Improved sync of dvb-subtitle .
- if correct PTS from the stream, no problem
But if wrong or missing PTS data from the stream, it possible to time difference with A/V and subtitle.
2. Changed concept for Streaming Player function
- watching one channel, another channel streaming independantly
3. Added unicable function on LNB type of satellite configuration menu as C, Ku, UNIV, Unicable
- Caution : At this moment ,you have to install unicable for each of tuner because it is not supported both tuner 1,2 in one menu at the same time
4. Improved visibility of menu font
5. Small many bugs fixed
It is not possible to use your old db.dat in this image, because DGS changed database structure.
You need to make a new channel scan.