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Thread: help with cccam line

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    help with cccam line

    hello everyone, i don't have a server, i'm a client in a server, i want to create free line to exchange so that my peers can watch what i watch;
    i created an account in DYNDNS. is it possible without having any card to share please someone help

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    Re: help with cccam line

    Yes, this should be possible.

    add the following lines to your CCcam.cfg

    F: username password 5 0 1 { 0:0:3 }
    # pick a username and password

    add the following lines to your friends CCcam.cfg

    C: portnumber username password yes
    # = your dyndns domain
    # portnumber (default 12000) make sure you add the portforwarding to your router
    # username and password as put in your CCcam.cfg

    I am a noob myself. Hope it works like this. If not, feel free to PM me and I will try help more.

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