Portugal Telecom passes 500k Meo subs

Portugal Telecom had passed 500,000 subscribers for its pay-TV service 'Meo' (delivered via IPTV and DTH) by the end of the second quarter of this year, representing around 64% of its ADSL clients and 19% of its fixed-line clients.

The telco adds that there were over 57,000 net additions to its Meo subscriber base in the three months to June 2009. The service offers video-on-demand and live broadcast services, including HD content, as well as catch-up TV, a remotely-accessible EPG, PVR services including remote programming, games, karaoke and other interactive content and services, access to personal photos on the network, and tailored children's content.

Portugal Telecom states in an official release that it will continue to invest in quality and innovation for the service, in order to offer more and better services to its customers.